Digimon #005: Kuramon

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Digimon #005: Kuramon Empty Digimon #005: Kuramon

Post  Raiden on Mon Feb 27, 2012 10:49 pm

Basic Information

Name: Kuramon
Gender: Male
Form: Baby

DigiNumber: #005

Rank Information

Baby: It suddenly appeared on the Computer Network. The aggression generated by the malice of people who abuse the Computer Network, and the conflicts which are unfolding on the Network, manifested and a single Digi-Egg was created. Humanity's destruction instinct is condensed within that Digi-Egg, and as such the mysterious Digimon that was born from it is a very dangerous being. It multiplies like a virus within the Computer Network, causing a slight degree of network failure.

Digimon #005: Kuramon Kuramon_b

Digivolves To: Tsumemon

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