Digimon #014: Zerimon

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Digimon #014: Zerimon Empty Digimon #014: Zerimon

Post  Raiden on Mon Feb 27, 2012 11:10 pm

Basic Information

Name: Zerimon
Gender: Male
Form: Baby

DigiNumber: #014

Rank Information

Baby: Compared to the extremely energetic, one-horned Zerimon, the three-horned Conomon has a relatively docile personality. Also, unlike other Slime Digimon, Zerimon is firm and hard besides just the horns on its head. Like other Fresh Digimon, it spits acid bubbles to intimidate opponents.

Digimon #014: Zerimon Zerimon_b

Digivolves To: Gummymon

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