Digimon #024: Nyaromon

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Digimon #024: Nyaromon Empty Digimon #024: Nyaromon

Post  Raiden on Thu Mar 01, 2012 8:33 pm

Basic Information

Name: Nyaromon
Gender: Female
Form: In-Training

DigiNumber: #024

Rank Information

In-Training: It is a tiny Digimon which has cat-like characteristics. It is always capricious, and that behavior seems to have been attached to Nyaromon as a result of its being like a "cat". Although it is sometimes frivolous due to its overflowing curiosity, it also has a lonely side.

Digimon #024: Nyaromon Nyaromon_b

Digivolves From: YukimiBotamon

Digivolves To: Salamon

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