Digimon #016: Bukamon

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Digimon #016: Bukamon Empty Digimon #016: Bukamon

Post  Raiden on Thu Mar 01, 2012 9:28 pm

Basic Information

Name: Bukamon
Gender: Male
Form: In-Training

DigiNumber: #016

Rank Information

In-Training: It is a funny Digimon with movements as clever as the seahorse. However, the friendly personality it had as Pichimon has totally vanished, and it quickly flees if others approach. Its outer skin cannot yet bear the water pressure and low temperature of the deep sea, so the length of time it can dive to the deep sea is not long.

Digimon #016: Bukamon Bukamon_b

Digivolves From: Pichimon

Digivolves To: Gomamon & Betamon

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