Digimon #000: Gomamon

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Digimon #000: Gomamon Empty Digimon #000: Gomamon

Post  Raiden on Mon Mar 05, 2012 9:14 pm

Basic Information

Name: Gomamon
Gender: Male
Form: Rookie

DigiNumber: #000

Rank Information

Rookie: It has become able to move on land, and is covered in temperature-maintaining fur. The short, white fur that covers its body gets longer as it grows, and furthermore, it's said that it turns brown when it grows up. As for its personality, it is a naughty-boy type that fiddles with everything it sees. The red fur growing along its back from the top of its head moves according to Gomamon's emotions, and when it gets angry the fur bristles. Gomamon's claws are strong enough to easily break through solid ice, so you'll have a painful experience if you take it lightly.

Digimon #000: Gomamon Gomamon_t

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