Digimon #026: Pinamon

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Digimon #026: Pinamon Empty Digimon #026: Pinamon

Post  Raiden on Sat Feb 18, 2012 11:52 pm

Basic Information

Name: Pinamon
Gender: Male
Form: In-Training

DigiNumber: #026

Rank Information

In-Training: A Chick Digimon that always runs about restlessly. Because it expresses its emotions in how it runs, it doesn't stand still unless it is a time when it is bored or sleeping. Because its emotions do not appear on its face, its emotions must be read from how it runs, so it is a Digimon with which making a connection is very difficult. Although Pinamon hates its tails being touched, just like Puwamon, because a miniature electric shock, "Piripiri Spark", is generated from the tails, more caution is needed when touching its tails than with Puwamon.

Digimon #026: Pinamon Pinamon

Digivolves From: Nyokimon

Digivolves To: Biyomon

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