Digimon #000: Biyomon

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Digimon #000: Biyomon Empty Digimon #000: Biyomon

Post  Raiden on Mon Mar 05, 2012 9:48 pm

Basic Information

Name: Biyomon
Gender: Female
Form: Rookie

DigiNumber: #000

Rank Information

Rookie: Part of its wings have grown to look like arms, and it is able to dexterously operate them and use them to grip objects, but for that reason it is poor at flying through the air. It usually lives on the ground, but when danger draws near it escapes by flying away. However, since its flying ability is on the same level as Patamon, it sees Patamon as its rival. Its dream is to someday become Birdramon, who can fly freely about the sky, and it seems it doesn't want to become Kokatorimon, who cannot fly at all. As its personality is to be brimming over with curiosity, it loves to peck at the head portion of Tanemon.

Digimon #000: Biyomon Biyomon_t

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