Digimon #031: Wanyamon

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Digimon #031: Wanyamon Empty Digimon #031: Wanyamon

Post  Raiden on Sat Feb 18, 2012 11:57 pm

Basic Information

Name: Wanyamon
Gender: Male
Form: In-Training

DigiNumber: #031

Rank Information

In-Training: A Digimon fused from the data of small, pet animals like dogs and cats. Because its unexpected movements are also quick, caution is necessary so that it doesn't get away, but it becomes very emotionally attached if shown affection like a pet. Its Special Move is suddenly biting, after appearing amply charming, which is Smile Fang.

Digimon #031: Wanyamon Wanyamon

Digivolves From: YukimiBotamon

Digivolves To: Bearmon

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